Italian Grand Prix, Monza FRI 01 SEP - SUN 03 SEP 2023
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Italian Grand Prix [curr_year] Betting Odds | F1 Betting Tips

Coefficient - 1.8
Tips efficiency - 87 %
One thing is for sure: there's fire in Mercedes' camp and the rivalry between Hamilton and Rosberg will give us an impressive race against a background of intrigue and drama. The twitchiness at Mercedes shows that although they have issues with each other, their rivalry will make them do their best to win. Our outcome is on the winner of the Drivers' Championship. We're sure that either Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton will win it, so our bet is Hamilton.
Coefficient - 1.25
Tips efficiency - 71 %

Red Bull's driver can score some big points here at Monza, and although he's got the power, he needs the skills. This is a very long shot, and it could be a great backup bet, but don't risk everything on this one. You never know what can happen and Red Bull is far behind in the F1 standings, but Daniel Ricciardo will definitely get to the podium.

Coefficient - 201
Tips efficiency - 83 %
It's a long shot, but it can come with significant wins if you take the risk. Vettel has won the Italian Grand Prix in 2014 and has the recipe to success, he only has to put in the work and surpass Hamilton or Rosberg. Ricciardio is great, too, but he doesn't have a history at Monza. F1 betting tips are all about details, and Vettel's experience on the track can actually make a difference.
Coefficient - 1.002
Tips efficiency - 90 %
The Italian Grand Prix will take place between 3-6 September [curr_year] this year, and if you're looking for a safe bet, know that the Mercedes construction team has truly dominated the F1 championship this year. This is one of the safest bets, given that Italian Grand Prix winners from the past.
Coefficient - 4
Tips efficiency - 76 %
Nico Rosberg is great value for Mercedes and he's the second in the F1 standings at the moment. He looks determined to win against Hamilton in Italy and his hunger for success is staggering. Although he is struggling on the second place, he's got a nice chance to win, and a Formula 1 bet on him would be excellent.
Coefficient - 1.9
Tips efficiency - 80 %
The best Mercedes driver at the moment has won the Hungarian and the German Grand Prix and just lost in Belgium, but is still topping the Drivers' Championship with 232 points ahead of Nico Rosberg with 223 points. The Red Bull Racing and Ferrari teams represented by Ricciardo and Vettel have 151 and 128 points, respectively. Hamilton is in a good shape and has already won this race before three times (in 2012, 2014 and 2015), being the defending race champion. He's the favourite. If you're looking for Italian Grand Prix 2016 odds, he is a safe bet.
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Italian gran prix Monza

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Which Market Should You Bet On

There are many markets on offer when you want to delve into F1 betting. The key area is outright betting. The term reffers to a bet placed over the span of an entire season, raher than a sole event. In addition to the tips from above, we suggest you bet on the F1 Drivers' Championship. Lewis Hamilton looks decided to win, and this award goes to the driver who accumulates the most amount of points for race finished over the course of a whole season.

You could also choose Mercedes as the winner of the Formula One Constructors' Championship. It's comparable to the one for drivers, and is awarded to the team with the most points cumulatively with their two drivers after an entire season.

Top 3 podium finishes is another market you can choose. Include Lewis Hamilton and Rosberg in it and you have a safe bet. Pick Vettel or Ricciardo for higher odds. Other markets are Driver vs Driver Facts, Fastest Lap. They are all worth looking into.